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Banyuwangi, 3 days. 

I so far behind with the posts, and I want to apologize. In the following days more posts will follow to catch up. My laptop broke, so I have to use public opportunities to go online. Okay back to business.

And so I sat 14 hours in the most uncomfortable train I've ever experienced. And that's not an exaggeration. But it was worth it.
Arriving at the train station I gladly got picked up by a driver from my Homestay.
As tired as I was I just fell into bed and slept through the night.

On the next day I did what I came for. Mount Ijen. A really famous crater which you can hike in the middle of the night to see the blue flames in the sulfur smoke.

I organized a tour from the hostel which was 300.000IDR (20€). Included was the transport, the tour-guide, the gas masks, small breakfast and a visit at a beautiful waterfall. We were gone for 10 hours.

We left at midnight to collect a few more people from other homestays and drive to the mountain for 1 hour over a very very bumpy street.
We made our way up the really dark and really steep way. 3km up and than again at the crater 1km down.
The 3km took us a bit more than 2 hours. Because of the climate/weather change and the differences in height a lot of people, including me, got sick and dizzy. Bring warm clothes. Go slowly with a regular breath up. It will feel like it's harder to breathe, your heart will beat faster and you're head will start acing. But that's normal, so don't panic like me, haha!

So going up was not quite a pleasure. At a certain time you have to put in the masks 1. because of the really bad smell and 2. because of the sulfur smoke.

Going down is easier but more dangerous. You have to climb down rocks. If you slip you can hurt yourself enormously. There were even some death cases. And because it's really dark and you have only one flashlight it's even harder.

Completely exhausted we sat down and admired the blue flames in the smoke. Slowly the cookie of the sky started to change as well.

And than the worst experience for me happened. Wind. The wind blew the sulfur smoke on us people. Even with the gas mask we could not really breathe through the thick smoke. If you opened your eyes it would burn and you could not see a thing. The only thing you could do was wait it out and try somehow to breathe slowly. The only thing you could hear was people screaming and coughing. It was horrible. But it passed.

The cloud passed and we climbed up the rocky path again. It was light enough now to see without a flashlight. As we arrived we waited out some wind and welcomed the sunrise which cleared up the air a bit.

After that all the bad experiences were forgotten. We went slowly the really exhausting way down and admired the landscapes we passed in the dark.

We stopped on the way for a coffee, showed our pictures and talked about how we think it was. Now that we are completely out of the smoke it was an experience! Neither completely bad ne completely good.

As we arrived we said goodbye to our really nice tour-guide and our driver took us to a really beautiful waterfall. In the beautiful morning sun we could relax after all the climbing.
The driver welcomed us with little snacks which were our breakfast.

And than we finally drove home. We left at midnight and arrived at 10am. I think that was the best sleep I had for a long time.

All in all I'm very happy that I've experienced this trip. But I wouldn't do it again.

My hostel 

Panaroma Homestay Banyuwangi
Location: 3/5
Staff: 3.5/5
Food: 4/5 (but you had to pay)
Cleanliness (single room): 5/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 3/5
Facilities: 3,5/5

Recommend? Because it was one of the cheapest options there yes!

Did you ever experienced something that wasn't perfect but still worth the experience?

Thanks for reading

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