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Georgetown, 6 days.

After reading about the city Ipoh all of this might be familiar to you.
After Ipoh I went to the Island Penang, to be exact to the city Georgetown.
I took a train from Ipoh to Butterworth (33RM - 7EUR) which took approx. 3 hours. The trains are like the buses in Malaysia really luxurious and comfortable. When you arrive you just follow the signs to the Local Ferry. The ferries come every 15 minutes, cost around 2,50RM (0,50 EUR) and take about 20 minutes to cross. Because Georgetown is pretty small and my hostel was really close I decided to walk to my hostel. But Uber is really active in Georgetown, so I would recommend everyone to download the app, because it will help you a lot in the next days as well.

Already on my way to my hostel I recognized the similarity to Ipoh, but bigger and more alive.

I think that I did the exact right order of traveling. A lot of people call Ipoh the "small Georgetown", so if you arrive in Ipoh after Georgetown you might be a bit disappointed. 

So, Georgetown. In every corner street art, in every street temples, mosques, churches, and a lot of good and inexpensive food. That's what Georgetown is famous for.

In an app I found a semi-expensive, western restaurant and because I had the biggest cravings for western food I decided to go. My roommate joined me and we let the art-filled city carry us through the streets. We went to a few temples that were on the way, admired some art and went to some convincing juice and street snack places.

Here you can find a bit of everything. Hindu-Temples, chinese temples, thai temples, mosques and churches, everything you can imagine.
Not only because of that I felt like in paradise, also because of the art which lingered in every corner. And with everywhere I mean everywhere. In shops and restaurants, on buses and walls. Most of the time we would run through the city and saying "Oh, look there!" all the time, because the art seems to be a normal part of the construction of buildings, that you sometimes don't even notice it.
Open your eyes! You will be surprised with what you overlook!

The lovely thing about Georgetown is that you can just walk through the city without a plan, just let the wind carry you and that is the sightseeing.

But you can't just see things in Georgetown. Because of the cheap buses and ubers everywhere it's really easy to explore the rest of Penang as well. You can rent Scooters there, which I wouldn't recommend for beginners, because the traffic is a bit wild.

A bit attraction which I sadly out of my own dumbness couldn't experience is the Penang Hill. You can take a cable car up to the view point or hike a really steep way up for three hours.
On the top there are a lot of zoos, botanical gardens and hill temples. The most famous one is Kek Lok Si.

But I visited the Snake Temple close to the airport. Pretty small, nothing too special and you could argue about it being animal-friendly, but it looks cool anyways.

I really enjoyed the time in Georgetown and was really impressed by the city. Everyone who is in Malaysia should totally visit Penang. You could stay in other places in Penang but most of the accommodations are in Georgetown.

My hostel

Red Inn Court
Location: 5/5
Staff: 4/5
Food: 2/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 4/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 3/5
Facilities: 3,5/5

Recommend? If you have a budget this is a nice place.

Do you know any places as art-filled as Georgetown?

Thanks for reading

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