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Langkawi, 7 days.

Last stop in Malaysia: The beautiful Island Langkawi. Small and with a scooter easy to discover. Full of nature and tourists.

I really wanted to have a timeout on the beach and that's exactly what I got.
So I relaxed one week on the dream beaches and relaxed, partied, enjoyed food and discovered the island with the guys from my backpacker hostel.

They welcomed me so happily with the words "Welcome to the family" and a beer in the hand.

I began my first evening with watching the sunset in the beach with a few beers and good music.

The next day we planned a boat tour. Island hopping. You can book this exact tour in each tour shelter you can find but we decided to book it right at the beach from the locals because you could negotiate with the price a bit.
With 16 people in 2 boats we made our way to the paradise island Beras Basah.
Because some of our group already did the tour and said the second island with the lake is not that nice we all decided to just stay at this beautiful beach instead.
After that we saw the eagle feeding which was fascinating. After that we went home and went for good Indian food. We paid 30RM (~8€) per person. 

The next days was usually laying on the beach and enjoying the beach. We went in one day to the 7-steps waterfall. Really beautiful, clear water, you can slide down in the rocks, a nice day trip!
Last but not least I tried parasailing on the beach. You can see the video to that on my instagram: @linda_hannak

I really liked the island, way more than i expected. Lots of backpackers which made my stay times better.
The hostel was really cheap what was noticeable but you're only there for sleeping and showering, so it's fine!
I'm still impressed by the island, but if you're looking for calm and empty beaches your wrong here.

My hostel

Sweet Monkey Backpackers Hostel
Location: 5/5
Staff: 4/5
Food: 1/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 3/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 2/5
Facilities: 5/5

Recommend? For backpackers who don't have high standards it's perfect!

Thanks for reading

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