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Rome, 6 days.

Of course I could not leave it alone. One month after my return from Asia, I continued. This time: Europe.
It was no backpacking, but visiting a city I with my wonderful partner.

Unfortunately, it has been a while since i was there, because I have a new job and somehow never find time to write. Nevertheless, I want to share with you my dream vacation in Rome.

Why Rome? Rome is a beautiful city filled with remarkable architecture, spirited people who fill the pretty alleys, surviving history and art and extremely delicious food. Since my boyfriend admired the historical part with full enthusiasm and taught me a lot, I could do the same with the art.

Where in Rome? We had the choice between an okay hotel in the center or a great overnight place a bit apart. We decided for - in my opinion - the perfect accommodation. A 45 minute ride by bus and train separated our cottage from the center. We booked a small bungalow at a campsite, with a bus stop right in front of the entrance (buses every 10 minutes) and a supermarket across the street.
If you are looking for a central location you will probably not be satisfied. Since none of us has a problem with bus and train ride and the ticket is very cheap (7-day ticket for just under 30 €) we decided to the small secluded cottage.

Every day we had a few attractions on the list and ended the day with a delicious Italian meal, in ever changing places.

Whether it was targeted sightseeing or just walking around. Our plan has changed all the time.

A recommendation from me would be to buy admission tickets for famous landmark, such as the Coliseum, St. Peter's and so on, online. It saves very much time and in some cases also some money. Nevertheless, you should plan in ,to attractions like the above, definitely waiting-time for at least an hour.

For a nice evening and delicious food, my favorite place was Piazza Navona. Entertainer, beautiful architecture and good food.

I hope you liked the pictures.
Have you ever been to Rome and what do you think of the city?

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