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Ubud, 6 days.

And after all the party and all the beach I decided to go back to the culture and small towns. Ubud is a very famous place in Bali, but not for the holidaymakers. Backpackers, however, are more than familiar with this city. Vacationers know this place rather less, since there is no beach. It is "only" a small town with a lot of culture. For me it was a small magical place.

Since Ubud was the last real sight seeing place for me on my trip, I also enjoyed the souvenir shopping there. I have had to stop myself with the shopping all the time, because you do not want to carry everything with you. But here I could live it out and it was also the perfect place.

Alone or with a few people, I went to the market every day. Since the rainy season has lived properly, you could not do much else. Ubud is also very well known for its beautiful rice terraces, which I unfortunately could not see due to this rain.

On the way to the market you ran along many beautiful temples or cultural spots. A totally nice atmosphere.

In addition to recognizing that my negotiation skills were amazingly better than I thought, I also saw one of the biggest attractions in Ubud. The Monkey Forest. Monkey Forest literally, a fascinating forest or jungle full of monkeys or rather made for monkeys. A beautiful natural area in the middle of the city. Even before the entrance you will be welcomed by greedy monkeys. There are many wardens who are watching that monkeys are not attacking people, but I would be careful to keep things safe in the bag and not to take any food that you would like to keep with you inside.

The jungle is a large park consisting of temples, trees, rivers, lianas and well .. monkeys. A beautiful peaceful place.

Ubud shamed his reputation with just as much rain as in the rest of Bali. But I still fell in love with the city. So, for travelers to Bali: My recommendations are the places Uluwatu and Ubud.
In Ubud you can also see quite a lot of ceremonies and theater, it costs sometimes but not always. I unfortunately had the bad luck to get sick, so I could not see as much as I would have liked.

Ubud was one of my favorite places in Indonesia. I will certainly return to this city once again.

My Hostel

In Da Lodge
Location: 5/5
Staff: 3/5
Food: 1/5 (it was super delicious, but got from the burgers a food poisoning)
Cleanliness (Dorm): 5/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 5 + / 5
Facilities: 5/5

Recommendation? In any case, everything was great, one of the cleanest baths I have ever seen in Asia. But I would not trust the food completely.

Bali is generally such a famous destination, have you ever been there?

And so ended my journey. I spent a few nights in Kuta Bali and a few on the Gilis, but because of the weather I did not do so much and therefore have no photos.
Both places were complete vacation places and for me not too fascinating.

The flight back took 13 hours from Thailand. Back to normal.

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