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Yogyakarta, 4 days.
Actually it didn't start with Yogyakarta in Indonesia. But I have not al lot to say about Jakarta and no pictures to show, so I'll make it short.

I stayed in Jakarta for 2 days which was more than enough. I heard that it should be rubbish and I just experienced the same. But I checked it off my bucket list now.
Jakarta is a really chaotic and dirty city. You only have really rich or really poor and nothing in between. The temples are horrible. I spent most of the time in the big shopping malls searching for good books.
So far, I always have seen something good in a big city, but here.. If you're under the pressure don't waste your time in Jakarta.

Back to the beautiful part: Yogyakarta!
In comparison to Jakarta Yogyakarta is just wonderful. I stayed in a beautiful hostel with the best free breakfast I had for a long time.
Yogya offers a lot. It's also the point from where most of the tours to the attractions in Java go. But because it's rain season a lot of things weren't possible for me.
But you can go there to the right time! The most popular tours are to the pretty island Karimunjawa, the breathtaking volcano Bromo and the eye catching crater Ijen.

In Yogya I could finally follow my most favorite activity which is souvenir shopping! Because my journey is slowly going to an end I can finally allow me to buy a lot of stuff!
And Yogya is perfect for that!
Despite the huge market street Jalan Malioboro there are the silver district and a bunch of art galleries that sell batik art for unbelievable prices.
Batik is a big thing in Java. From paintings to trousers and blouses, you can find everything!
In comparison to Thailand and Malaysia the people are really easy to negotiate with.
This alone is an experience itself. 

Also you can visit the two really famous temples.
The Borobudur Temple is as far as I understood the biggest Buddhist temple in the world (correct me if I'm wrong). And the Prambanan Temple which is the highest temple in Indonesia.
Both temples are breathtaking. We did a tour leaving at 5am. For the transport that we booked in the hostel we payed 100.000IDR (7€) and for the entrance 420.000IDR (29€). With a valid student ID you can get a discount of 50% which I sadly couldn't get.

But you should prepare for one thing for sure. If you're looking western, you really can't flee from the masses that want to take pictures with you. Big hordes of students would line up so we were even stuck for 20 minutes just smiling from one display to the other. Otherwise you couldn't even walk 5m without people starting to talk to you again. At the beginning really funny, at the end really annoying. The sentence everybody said was: "Now I know why celebrities are always so pissed off". 

After that I sat down in a train in my way to the next city. I really loved Yogyakarta and I would say it's the nicest city I've seen in Java so far. And because of other stories I think I'm not the only one to think that.

My Hostels 

The Packer Lodge Jakarta
Location: 3/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 5/5
Hygiene (shares bathroom): 5/5
Facilities: 5/5

Recommend? One of the nicest Hostels I've stayed in so far, so yes!

Good Karma Hostel Yogyakarta
Location: 4,5/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 100/5
Cleanliness: 3,5/5
Hygiene: 4/5
Facilities: 4/5

Recommend? Pretty hostel so yes!

Have you ever been to Java? What were your impressions?

Thanks for reading 

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